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Fish Flops: Not just for sex anymore
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Fish flops aren’t just for sex anymore says Florida resident Emanuel Crombard, slipping them on as he winks suggestively at his fiancé. He was happy to find that they can be used for everyday wear much to his family’s chagrin.

Fish flops, typically worn in Florida and Louisiana, have become a fashion statement for Americans. Tipping the scales in their favor, they wear them for sports as they offer good grip and ergonomics.

With Fish Flops you can go anywhere and do anything. Please keep in mind that we will be doing a Fish Flop give away. Please share this link and tag your friends as we will be giving one free pair of fishie bois to everyone that follows Southern Satire.

I love my Fish Flops. I’m even wearing them to my wedding! The entire wedding party will be wearing them and we’re having some ivory fish flops bedazzled for my bride. It’s going to be a hoot!

Emanuel Crombard, Florida resident
GOLP Slides in Kumasi Metropolitan - Shoes, Bright Quache Wood |
Previously worn by Emanuel,

If you want to look your best, please consider visiting as they currently have a holiday sale at 50% off! Remember that fish flops STAY ON during sex.

They never come off, not even for sex.


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