Memorial day bbq in case you thought it was about bbq.

Facebook Friend Reminds Everyone That Memorial Day Isn’t About BBQ

For the 9th year in a row, Brad Touchet has reminded everyone on his Facebook friends list that "Memorial Day is about the troops,...
Adm Doyle of the US Cajun Navy

Salute to Service: Cajun Navy Veteran Remembers Battle of New Iberia

We reflect upon the Battle of New Iberia where Cajun Navy Veterans fought to a liberate a Pool-d'eau from a crawfish trap on the...
AR-63 KH Assault Rifle

AR-63: USS Kitty Hawk to be Scrapped and Converted into an Assault Rifle

Sailors sad to see the USS Kitty Hawk scrapped, but happy that it will be converted into a mega-weapon. Congress has decided instead of scrapping...

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