Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Cajun Swap Meat: South Louisiana’s Newest Gay Hookup App

Move out of the way, Grindr! There's a new hookup app in town. Users are raving as they are moving to the app store in droves in an effort to download the hottest new mobile application. The app uses GPS proximity on mobile devices in an effort to search for other Cajun men that are nearby...

23andMe Machine Malfunctions After Attempting To Analyze Church Point DNA

23andMe suffered a catastrophic failure this evening in an attempt to analyze and process the DNA of those living in Church Point, Louisiana. Sources say that they were halfway through.

Pres. Trump Transitions to be the First Female President

President Donald J. Trump announced this afternoon that he will be gradually transitioning to female in an effort to ensure that he is the first female president of the United States of America. He is also arguing that he will be able to run for a THIRD term in 2024 considering his first 8 years was...

Fish Flops: Not Just For Sex Anymore

fish flops
Fish flops aren't just for sex anymore says Florida resident Emanuel Crombard, slipping them on as he winks suggestively at his fiancé. He was happy to find that they can be used for everyday wear much to his family's chagrin. Fish flops, typically worn in Florida and Louisiana, have become a fashion...

FREE: Receive a Live, Pickled Frog in Every Jar!

frog jar
Local company Bayou Farms adds a free, live pickled frog to every jar of pickles in an effort to get more business than Cajun Chef pickles. This is the deal that we've all been waiting for this year! It is said that the frogs that are added to each jar are free-range, organically...

Local Cat Interrupts Meeting To Show You Something

Local cat, Luna, interrupts a Google Meet session in an effort to share the good word during her owners school session. Gently jumping to the living room table during a statistics course, Luna puts herself between her owner and the camera like she usually does. Seeing pets on cam is a welcome...

WTF: Naughty Kid Put Elf on the Shelf In Air Fryer

Elf on the Shelf is cancelled this year after a story breaks that naughty child Toby Blanchard from Bayou Vista, Louisiana got a hold of the elf and put it in the air fryer. Elves are now on strike and refusing to participate this holiday in fear that more Cajun children will eat them.

Dugas Family Cancels Annual Trip to Holly Beach

covid christmas
The Dugas family has decided to cancel their annual Christmas trip to the freezing cold waters of Holly Beach due to recent COVID exposure. It seems that grandma did not forego going to and Shoney's despite the virus that is killing people. The family is visibly upset after working from home instead of...

Republicans: March Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus will be united against by Louisiana Republicans as they March Against Coronavirus in an act of solidarity against the global pandemic. Inspired by the Louisiana pastor that held church services in an effort to pray the virus away, the March Against Coronavirus is being planned for April 1st at the CAJUNDOME in Lafayette,...

Coronavirus Fast Action Response Team (F.A.R.T.) activated by Governor

Corona Virus
Governor Jon Bell Edwards of Louisiana activated a task force to contain and mitigate the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Considering the great response that was given by the Cajun Navy, JBE has selected Big Bob's Airboat Tours to take the lead with the Louisiana Coronavirus Fast Action Response Team (F.A.R.T.)The F.A.R.T. will...

Lafayette Sucks: Revolutionary Therapy via Shitposting

lafayette louisiana
We all know that Lafayette Sucks, kinda, but not really. But actually yes. The newest form of therapy for Gen X, Millennials, and Gen...Fortnite or whatever the most recent group is, is shitposting about the greatest and worst things that the area has to offer. One might experience wack memes, faux dating experiences, Boomer humor, shitty recipes,...

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